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Hampton Roads is where our nation was born, and where it continues to flourish today. In Hampton Roads, all roads lead to a great place to work, to live and to thrive. Find your place here.

Supporting Growth from Within

The Alliance is committed to supporting Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) in Hampton Roads. We recognize BRE is critical to growing our economy and creating economic sustainability in Hampton Roads because 85% of job growth come from the expansion of existing businesses. The Alliance has set a course to create the most connected regional business community by working with our regional partners including the Hampton Roads Chamber and Virginia Peninsula Chamber to establish a formal regional BRE program that is one of its kind for its scale.

To advance our effort, the Alliance has developed the following strategies for regional BRE:

  • Develop regional BRE strategies in “Priority Areas” including talent and skills, infrastructure, sites and facilities development, target sector development and innovation
  • Develop regional priority initiatives and programs that add value to the existing business community to support retention and expansion
  • Align economic development strategies to remove regional fragmentation by defining clear roles between local EDOs, the Alliance, Chambers, the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), and other regional and state partners

  • Build regional awareness of Alliance BRE initiatives through marketing, speaking engagements, and daily business interactions

Our BRE program initiatives include:

One-on-one Business Visits
We coordinate, collaborate, and conduct business visits with targeted companies or company representatives with the intent to learn more about the company’s process and needs. This allows us to determine ways we can better assist the company for retention and growth through our business assistance strategies.
Business Assistance
We provide Hampton Roads businesses, localities and industry partners with resources, information, and connections in one of the five key areas of assistance: innovation, capital, workforce solutions, space needs and supply chain.
Regional Project Management
We serve in a site selection capacity for existing businesses looking to expand and/ or strengthen their presence and positioning in Hampton Roads with a focus on protecting the bottom line while supporting long-term growth strategies. Our confidential services include but are not limited to: developing RFI and RFP for site locations; identifying potential sites that best meet your needs while helping you navigate the advantages and challenges within each location; arranging site and facility tours; facilitating meetings; navigating incentives, infrastructure and permitting processes; and, connecting you with development resources for design and construction, if so desired.
B2B Seminars
In coordination with our investors, regional partners, the Hampton Roads Chamber and the Virginia Peninsula Chamber, we provide and promote business solutions to assist businesses and investors through professional development opportunities. These business solutions series are typically B2B led by fellow investors and regional partners. Please visit our calendar for upcoming seminars and workshops.
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