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Hampton Roads Reporting for Duty

Hampton Roads is known around the world for its distinguished military presence. With a total of 15 installations, including Naval Station Norfolk, the world’s largest naval base, and over 80,000 active-duty military personnel, the region has one of the largest concentrations of armed forces in the United States. These leading institutes are at the forefront of industry, creating and utilizing some of the most advanced equipment and training in the country.

Naval Station Norfolk is the world’s largest naval base

Active Military

82,000+ local military personnel


14,000+ ex military members transition into the civilian workforce

Military Installations & Headquarter Highlights

In addition to the Virginia National Guard, five of six branches of the military are represented in Hampton Roads. Over 82,000 active-duty military personnel are stationed across the region. The following is a highllight of military installations and headquarters:
  • Navy

    U.S. Navy

    • Naval Station Norfolk
    • Naval Support Activity (NSA) Hampton Roads
    • Norfolk Naval Shipyard
    • Naval Air Station Oceana
    • Norfolk Naval Shipyard
    • Naval Weapons Station Yorktown
    • Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek – Fort Story (Navy led joint base)
    • Camp Peary
  • Army

    U.S. Army

    • Fort Eustis (part of Joint Base Langley – Eustis)
    • Fort Story (part of Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek – Fort Story)
    • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Norfolk District (USACE)
    • Craney Island Dredged Material Management Area (Under USACE)
  • Airforce

    U.S. Airforce

    • Joint Base Langley – Eustis (Air Force led joint base)
  • Coast Guard

    U.S. Coast Guard

    • Coast Guard Base Portsmouth
    • Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown
    • Coast Guard Atlantic Area (headquarters command)
    • Fifth Coast Guard District (headquarters command)
    • Coast Guard Shore Infrastructure Logistics Command (headquarters command)
  • Marines

    U.S. Marine Corps

    • Marine Forces Command (Camp Allen)
    • Marine Corps Security Force Regiment (Naval Weapons Station Yorktown)
  • Virginia National Guard

    Virginia National Guard

    • State Military Reservation
Did you know?

Virginia is home to 26% of all active-duty Navy personnel, more than any other state

Transitioning Personnel

Each year, approximately 15,000 active-duty military personnel transition out of the military, either through retirement or into the civilian workforce. Thousands of these highly-trained men and women enter the Hampton Roads workforce and offer employers a unique opportunity to benefit from the skillset they have learned during their time in the service.

Exiting military personnel have a variety of resources to assist in their transition to the private sector, as well, such as the Veterans Career Compass from the Hampton Roads Workforce Council.

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