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Hampton Roads Alliance
Hampton Roads Alliance3 weeks ago
Want to learn more about how your business can support the growing offshore wind industry in Virginia? Dominion Energy is hosting a supplier event on 2/28 from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. at the Chesapeake Conference Center. Local businesses can meet with major suppliers for the project and find out how they can support onshore/offshore construction.

Learn more & register here:
Hampton Roads Alliance
Hampton Roads Alliance4 weeks ago
Last month, our investors attended a Virginia Governors Panel with three remarkable former Virginia governors: George Allen, Bob McDonnell, and Ralph Northam. They each spoke about their time as governor, discussing the impact of their initiatives on job creation and economic development. Check out this highlight reel. Thank you again to, our presenting sponsor, and to Old Dominion University for hosting our event.
Hampton Roads Alliance
The Hampton Roads Alliance hosted a bipartisan panel discussion with three remarkable former Virginia governors: George Allen, Bob McDonnell, and Ralph North...
Hampton Roads Alliance
Hampton Roads Alliance4 weeks ago
We’d love to extend heartfelt congratulations to the economic developers who have recently been promoted/hired:

Chuck Rigney, Director of Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development
Kristi Sutphin, Director of Isle of Wight County
Preston Wilhem Deputy Director of Chesapeake Economic Development
Beth Cook, Assistant Director of James City County

The dedication, expertise, and leadership of each individual have undoubtedly contributed to their well-deserved promotions. We look forward to the significant contributions each will make to the economic development of their respective communities.

Plug into Info Tech in Hampton Roads

Information Technology is a rapidly growing and important sector in Hampton Roads encompassing 2,500+ establishments that employ approximately 28,000 people. Our IT industry includes many sectors. Most notable is cybersecurity due to the large presence of military installations and government contractors. With the continuous influx of talent resulting from the exiting military personnel who choose Hampton Roads as their permanent residences coupled with the graduates from our local educational institutions, the region is becoming a hot spot for Information Technology.


Large cybersecurity cluster development


1,400+ local graduates in Computer and Information Sciences

Tech Hub

Expected growth rate of 6.8% by 2023


The IT workforce in Hampton Roads has been growing at a consistent rate, fueled by influxes of cyber security, data centers, and computer support operations.

Job # Employed Median Annual Earnings
Computer and Information Systems Managers 1,582 $138,589
Computer Systems Analysts 2,908 $93,233
Software Developers 5,828 $105,734
Computer Network Architects 1,076 $102,747
Computer Hardware Engineers 393 $101,404
Lightcast, 2022 Estimates

Significant contributors include Old Dominion University and ECPI:

Old Dominion University:

ODU is the region’s leading polytechnic institution offering degrees in business analytics, cybersecurity, computer science, modeling and simulation engineering, database administration, general information technology, and more.

ECPI University:

ECPI’s Information Technology offerings are the most comprehensive in Hampton Roads. Each year, hundreds of students graduate with associate and bachelors degrees in programs such as cloud computing, cyber and network security, mobile development, software development and web design and development.

Military Concentration

Hampton Roads has a strong and well-recognized defense presence. With over 15 military installations employing 80,000+ active duty personnel, the region has attracted cutting-edge government contractors like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Huntington Ingalls Industries, and Northrop Grumman.

After leaving the services, former military personnel provide a well-trained and renewable source of information technology talent. Each year over 8,000 of the state's 15,000 exiting military members establish residency in the Hampton Roads region.

Research Centers

Notable research centers in the region help to propel the advancement of information technology forward.

Jefferson Lab:

Jefferson Lab is a national laboratory founded by the U.S Department of Energy to provide insights and breakthroughs in nuclear physics research. Their Information Technology Division uses cutting-edge technology to provide high-quality services and capabilities that enable the lab to pursue its research mission.

Virginia Modeling, Analysis & Simulation Center:

VMASC is an enterprise research center of Old Dominion University focusing on advances in modeling and simulation, data analytics and cybersecurity.

Industry Spotlight: Sera Brynn

Located in Suffolk, Sera Brynn has grown into the highest-ranked, pure-play cybersecurity compliance and advisory firm in the world. Founded in 2011 by former members of the U.S. intelligence community, Sera Brynn assists business and defense contractors in complying with security regulations, implementing compliance frameworks and assessing and mitigating cyber risks. With decades of experience, their expert team is made up of security engineers, computer forensics examiners, security consultants, certified compliance auditors, security researchers and trainers. Access to military-connected cyber talent, exceptional quality-of-life, and proximity to Washington D.C. were among the many advantages that led to Sera Brynn’s decision to locate in the Hampton Roads region.

Sera-Brynn’s headquarters in Hampton Roads allow us access to military-connected cyber talent, a high quality-of-life, and easy access to Washington, D.C. Our location in Hampton Roads allows us to provide exemplary services on a very competitive basis.

Rob Hegedus, CEO, Sera Brynn

Key Companies

Booze Allen Hamilton


General Dynamics

Lockheed Martin

Northrop Grumman



Serco, Inc.

Valkyrie Enterprises

WR Systems

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