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Hampton Roads Alliance4 hours ago
Quality Maritime Surveyors (QMS), a leading provider of maritime non-destructive testing education and training in Australia is proud to announce its expansion into Virginia. With a rich history of supporting the Collins class in Australia and a deep-rooted commitment to maritime excellence, QMS is poised to bring its expertise to the heart of the U.S. shipbuilding industry in Hampton Roads. The company is backed by years of experience in naval submarine and shipbuilding and has developed and refined processes to train maritime technicians. With offices dedicated to naval submarine and shipbuilding in South Australia, Osborne, and Western Australia, Henderson, QMS has established itself as a trusted partner in the maritime defense sector.

As part of its expansion, QMS will initially establish a presence in the Virginia Defense Landing at the Hampton Roads Alliance’s IDEA Lab in the World Trade Center in Norfolk, while they seek a permanent location in Newport News.

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Hampton Roads Alliance
Hampton Roads Alliance6 days ago
We were honored to host Director, Enoh Ebong of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) at the Hampton Roads Alliance's IDEA Lab. Business Retention Expansion representatives from most of the 14 localities joined the conversation. She discussed USTDA's mission of supporting high quality infrastructure overseas through reverse trade missions. For every dollar of grant funding the federal government service provides, they see a return of $231 in imports. Director Ebong is also visiting the The Port of Virginia this afternoon. We look forward to a continued partnership.
Hampton Roads Alliance
Hampton Roads Alliance2 weeks ago
Check out this highlight reel from our 2024 Annual Meeting! Several hundred of our allies in economic development assembled at Hampton University- to hear from renowned author and scholar Bruce Katz, network, and celebrate the successes of 2023 to include a 25-year-record for projects with 13 supported announcements. Chelsea Jenkins Olivieri, Deputy Secretary of Commerce and Trade was recognized as our 2023 Ally of the Year. Thank you to our presenting sponsor, Hampton Economic Development.
Hampton Roads Alliance

Talent in the Hampton Roads Region

For many employers, a capable and talented workforce is the most vital component of their company’ success. Hampton Roads, with a workforce of approximately 850,000, has a talent pipeline like very few other regions in America. The existing labor force is consistently enhanced by graduates from our region’s many colleges and universities as well as military personnel exiting the service and entering the private sector. In fact, more than 15,000 men and women exit the military in Hampton Roads on an annual basis, more than half of whom remain in the region. 13,000+ individuals also graduate from Hampton Roads universities on an annual basis. These groups supplement an already highly trained workforce that can meet the needs of virtually any employer.


14,000+ ex-military members join the civilian labor pool each year


43% of the population has an associates's degree or higher


Hampton Roads has among the highest % of millennials in the United States


The total population in the Hampton Roads region is 1.75 million people, with a labor force of over 850,000. Over the past decade, there has been an increase in population size at 3.1%. The median age of the workforce is 36 years old, with 50% of individuals between the ages of 18 and 55.

Through a combination of career opportunities and high quality of life, the region holds a substantial amount of youthful talent. Not only are we able to curb the drain of local talent, we’ve also been actively attracting outsiders as well. The City of Virginia Beach was named number  the #8 city for net millennial migration in the United States in 2021 in a report produced by SmartAsset.


The region takes its name from the central water body, the Hampton Roads, that ties our communities together. From our ports and naval ships, to our rivers, beaches and thousands of miles of coastline, water is the lifeblood of our community. Just as the roadstead or “roads”  has long served as a safe and protected anchorage for ships, Hampton Roads, as a region, provides a secure location for your business to grow.

Centrally located on the East Coast of the U.S., Hampton Roads has proven to be a premier location for the following industries as demonstrated by the companies that have already established a home here:


Hampton Roads has numerous post secondary institutions, including 12 universities and colleges and 21 trade and technical schools. For an in-depth overview of these organizations, click here.

Education Level Hampton Roads USA
At least a high-school diploma 92.1% 88.3%
Some college 24.7% 20.3%
Associates Degree 9.6% 8.6%
Bachelor's Degree 20.3% 20.0%
Graduate or Prefessional Degree 12.8% 12.6%

Workforce Development Programs

Hampton Roads has numerous post secondary institutions, including 12 universities and colleges and 21 trade and technical schools. For an in-depth overview of these organizations, click here.

Development Boards

Hampton Roads Workforce Council

The regional convener of the workforce development ecosystem and related initiatives in Hampton Roads, offering robust training and employment services for jobseekers, as well as dedicated talent recruitment, development, and retention services for businesses.

Educational Institutions

Old Dominion University

ODU offers training courses in Oracle, professional development, executive development, and negotiations. This university frequently collaborates with companies to develop customized training.

Virginia Peninsula Community College

Apart from offering a variety of associate degrees and certificate programs, TNCC creates customized courses and training certifications.

Tidewater Community College

TCC’s Center for Workforce Solutions provides dynamic, state-of-the-art education, training and services that respond to soft skills or industry credential needs of each unique employer. Their industry subject matter experts will collaborate with you to determine learning outcomes and design a just-in-time training solution.

Paul D Camp Community College

The Division of Workforce Development at PDCC provides a variety of training and educational options to meet the needs of new and existing business through services such as Job Candidate Assessment, Consulting Services and customized training.

Virginia Tech Hampton Roads Center

This center is a collaborative initiative between two prominent Virginia Universities: University of Virginia and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). Together, they operate a shared education center which offers a series of human development workshops designed to enhance a full range of soft skill development. They work with organizations to develop courses based on specific needs.
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