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New Opportunities Blowing into Hampton Roads

The offshore wind industry is approaching the US with gale force. The federal government has established a target to deploy 30,000 megawatts of offshore wind by 2030, and more than a dozen projects are in advanced stages of planning on the East Coast. Hampton Roads is uniquely suited to become the nucleus of the supply chain needed to develop these projects and reach the nation’s goals.

The region already boasts the first turbines built in federal waters. By 2026, Hampton Roads is expected to be home to Dominion Energy’s Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project (2,640 megawatts) and Avangrid Renewables Kitty Hawk Offshore Wind project (2,500 megawatts). These projects provide the impetus for cultivating Virginia as a domestic supply chain hub. But Hampton Roads is on a trajectory to lead offshore wind development for the entire Mid-Atlantic.

Developing a supply chain to support projects that will deliver clean energy to 10 million homes will take creativity, collaboration, and vision. The Hampton Roads Alliance and our partners are dedicated to attracting investment in the offshore wind supply chain to Virginia, as well as enabling local businesses to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the development of this new industry in the U.S.

 Virginia's Advantages

Virginia is the optimal location for the east coast offshore wind supply chain to flourish.

Virginia's ports have congestion-free channels, no overhead obstructions, deep water, short travel time to open sea, and the ability to handle any type of cargo.

Nearly a million skilled workers call Hampton Roads home. With thousands of active duty military stationed in the region, over 15,000 personnel exit the service locally.

A variety of industrial sites can be found in Virginia, including some ranked among the most highly-suited in the country for turbine, blade, and foundation construction. 

Hampton Roads houses the largest percentage of the US maritime workforce, the largest shipbuilding and ship repair market, and unmatched resources for construction and maintenance of vessels and marine infrastructure.

Year-over-year, Virginia has been ranked among the top states for business, as hailed by both Forbes and CNBC.

The Hampton Roads region is connected by one of the nation’s most modern highway systems, two international airports, and one of the deepest sea ports on the east coast.

Alliance Initiatives


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Virginia Offshore Wind Landing

Xodus Partnership

The Hampton Roads Alliance has partnered with Xodus Group and BW Research to conduct a major offshore wind supply chain study for the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. This project will pinpoint Hampton Road’s supply chain assets as well as uncover any gaps to help the Alliance in its efforts to support the U.S. offshore wind industry in Hampton Roads and identify key opportunities for economic expansion.

Xodus Group is a leading global energy consultancy. BW Research is a full-service applied research firm focused on economic & workforce research, customer & community research, as well as strategic planning and evaluation services.

Mangum Economics Study

Mangum Economics is a Virginia based firm that produces objective economic, quantitative, and qualitative analyses to help organizations make strategic decisions. The Hampton Roads Alliance commissioned Mangum Economics to complete a series of reports identifying the strengths and challenges facing the offshore wind industry in Hampton Roads.

Potential Impact of the Development of the Offshore Wind Energy Industry on Hampton Roads and Virginia

Mangum's assessment of the economic and financial contribution that Dominion Energy’s Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project will make to Hampton Roads, and to Virginia as a whole.

Future Workforce Needs of the Offshore Wind Industry in Hampton Roads

Building on the Potential Impact report, Mangum provides an estimate of the near-term and long-term workforce needs of the offshore wind industry in Hampton Roads. 

Opportunities for Developing the Offshore Wind Industry in Hampton Roads

Mangum's report on strategies and opportunities for the development of the offshore wind energy industry in the Hampton Roads area.


Public, private, and academic partners are committed to growing the offshore wind industry in Virginia. 

Connect with Us

For more information on offshore wind opportunities in Hampton Roads, please contact Matt Smith, Director of Offshore Wind, Business Development at

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